Choosing the right paving slab for your garden


Choosing the right paving for your dream garden really matters – you’re going to live with it for a long time. A well-designed and installed garden patio can transform a dull outdoor space into a relaxing place that’s a joy to look at and to use.

Choosing the right garden paving for your garden patio can be a challenge as there is so much choice in different price ranges. Here are some design pointers to help generate ideas for your next project:

Think about your garden paving will be used

Firstly, how much traffic and weight will the slabs have to tolerate, and who or what will it be used by?

Let’s say you’re installing a patio because you want it to be a nice visual addition to the garden. You love the characteristics of natural stone slabs, and you see yourself sitting on your patio in the sun with a glass of wine in hand. In this case, you’re going to be drawn to the slates, limestones and sandstones in our range.

If you think your garden paving will be enduring constant footfall due to children or animals, consider slip resistance and levels of maintenance. Certain slabs like Saxon or Organza have textured surfaces that are very family-friendly.

Choose paving slabs to match your garden style

Performance is important, but so is appearance. Consider how your garden paving will coordinate with the style of your house. Do you have existing garden walls that create a certain look? Does your home have a traditional or contemporary feel? Do you prefer a natural, rustic look or a chic, modern look with sawn-faced stone?

Vintage Manor Setts, Vintage Stone Raven Paving or Wooden Sleepers, for example, are some terrific traditional paving slabs that give a wonderful rustic appeal to your garden. For a more modern look, however, choosing Avant Garde Stone Paving or Gravity Vitrified Paving gives your garden a chic and contemporary look.

If your garden already has strong colour themes created by painted garden furniture and planting schemes, it may be wise to go for the more subtle tones of Dorian Natural Limestone. On the other hand, if you think it could do with an artistic touch, Indian Sandstone in a variation of colours could be just the ticket — especially with a stunning Indian Sandstone Circle, as seen below.

Colour, or neutral and natural?

Think about how to combine stone slabs with the existing features of your garden as many of us like subtle tones and neutral, natural colours. You can create a really unique and dramatic garden setting with tough, high-specification concrete slabs.

Consider the most appropriate colour for your garden paving usage. Kids or animals are going to make light slabs hard to keep clean. Silver or Grey coloured slabs will give you some maintenance challenges if they’re going to see a lot of activity, but they will look stunning and more spacious if your household is quiet and less prone to mess.

Invest in landscaping and increase the value of your home

Ultimately, I doubt you are going to be working with an infinite pot of gold for this so cost is another inevitable factor to take into account. It’s likely already at the forefront of your mind and rightfully so! However, if you’re choosing between paving that you love and paving that you like, at slightly different costs, choosing the higher-quality stone will always be the right decision. Remember, only 20% of the project costs go on paving; by far the larger expenses are ground preparation and installation.

Going for quality stone is undoubtedly going to be more cost-effective in the long run. Potential house buyers will appreciate higher quality landscaping wherever it is found, so the standard of your paving can have a significant impact on the value of your home.

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