Example of an extension new build process 

Excavations, Foundations and Drainage

The footings are dug for your new extension and the required drainage laid. These are checked by the building inspector prior to the first concrete being poured.


Using a brickwork matching service, the project will be constructed in matching or chosen brick. Blockwork to the inner skin and cavities insulated is by one of our experienced and friendly bricklaying teams.

Window and Door survey

Now the openings have been formed, accurate site measurements will be taken for your windows and doors, prior to the design and style being approved for order by yourselves.

Roof Construction

Here is where our experienced joiners first arrive on the project, constructing your roof in accordance with the design. On completion of the timbers this is checked by the building inspector, prior to the roof cover going on.

First Fix

Now the roof is on, our certified electricians and plumbers move in to install the wires and pipes as designed.

Window and Door Installation

Your project at this stage becomes secure and weather tight as our specialist team fit your new windows and doors.

Plastering and Insulation

Our plasterers now board and skim to a glass like finish all walls and ceilings, insulating where required.

Second Fix

Return time for our electricians and plumbers to fit the electrical fittings and radiators.


Perhaps the most important stage as this is what you are left to admire once the project is complete. The finishing touches see us use the best and most experienced decorators we have come across in over 15 years of working in construction


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