Right First Time is why you use UBS!!!!!

How much will it cost?

Generally the cost will vary on the project yet we offer free quotes and advice to all our prospective customers

How long will it take to complete the project?

We offer a comprehensive project plan that we aim to stick to notwithstanding unforeseen circumstance, yet even then we will ensure that the project is not put back. Each project will take a different timeframe to complete and cannot be advised at this stage until the project is clear.

Do I need planning permission for my project?

This is dependent on lots of factors. Your local authority will advise you on this or we can investigate for you if you prefer. Typically we work with a panel of architects to ensure that your project gets all the correct permission.

Do I need Building Regs for my project?

Yes. This is something we can arrange for you with your local authority and our panel or architects and engineers.

Do you guarantee your works?

We offer 12 months defects period to the entire project (including all fixtures and fittings) and a 10 year guarantee to all structural elements of any project.

Are you insured?

We hold Employers liability, Public liability and Contractors all risk insurances, ensuring our customers peace of mind when using our services.

Will we have a contract between ourselves for the works?

We use a standard build contract to give you the comfort you require in what you sign up for is delivered.

Will there be much disruption?

We do our upmost to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum, protecting areas not to be disturbed and maintaining as clean a working environment that we can for a live building site. On completion we look to leave the project site as it was before we got there.


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